Deck Staining in Winnipeg, The Fight Against Aging Wood!

Deck staining in Winnipeg is a pain in the you know what when your mind is focused on the million other things to do this summer.. you don’t want to deal with that stress… Winnipeg is known for its terrible winters and burning hot summers. Because we know how bad the cold can be we are found to be pretty passionate about our summer activities. Usually things like family BBQ’s, weekends at the cabin, trips to fun mountain or just relaxing on the deck in your back yard. What ever you fancy as your favourite Winnipeg summer activities we all know the heat will only last so long and it will be cold again.

With that in mind why would you ever care to waste your precious summer time on doing tedious projects like deck staining.. Why go through the process when your could just hire your local professionals to do the job for you quick and properly. Proactive Painting is the fastest and most professional local painters Winnipeg has to offer. With knowledge in deck staining in Winnipeg to help it last years against the weather patterns and water build up that happens all winter long.

Let the professionals handle your job so you can relax and have peace of mind that your Winnipeg exterior painting project will be done right.

Here are the 4 steps to staining decks in Winnipeg

Many times when you go on do it yourself sites or talking to your local Home Depot “paint expert” they are feeding you information incorrectly just in hope to make a sale. When it comes to painting in Winnipeg we take our customers and their needs very seriously and would never want to falsely inform them of the process needed for each type of specialty paint job and that is why we created a 4 process to ensure the longest lasting deck staining in Winnipeg.

Deck Staining Step 1: Stripping The Old Stain From Your Deck.

When starting out your staining job make sure to pressure wash the flakes and majority of the dirt away. Once cleaned you should mentally section off the deck the way you plan to do it. When stripping you do not want the liquid thinner to dry because it will leave burn marks in your wood.

Start with your first section, which I usually make the railings as you want to have a clean deck after not have to come back and make it messy again before sanding and staining the deck. Once you soak the place you plan to strip generously apply your stripping agent. We use Sherwin Williams stripping products and always suggest to use them for all projects. Once applied let sit for 5-15 minutes and keep lightly wetting to ensure non will dry into the wood.

Take a medium-soft deck stain remover brush and rub out old stain. Once the majority of the old deck stain is loose from the deck take your pressure washer and spray all deck stain and deck stain stripper off of that section and repeat until your deck has only 10%-20% of the stain left over on it.

Deck Staining Step 2: Sanding Your Deck.

Proactive Painting always uses the best tools to get your job done quickly and right. When it comes to sanding the old excess deck stain off of your deck we suggest you use a belt sander. These can be picked up at any hardware or tool store for around $150 for a higher quality one. We always use 60-80 grit sand paper which lifts the excess deck stain from your deck and helps it look brand new for your new layer of deck stain in Winnipeg. Sand away all old left over stain.

IMG 1049 300x225 - Deck Staining In Winnipeg, Make Your Wood Weather Proof.

Deck Staining Step 3: Rejuvenation Of Your Deck.

Not many painting companies or contractors will add this extra step but Proactive Painting does it right always. With the industry leading Sherwin Williams Paint as our supplier we use there special deck reviving product called Revive which take the wood back down to its natural colour and helps it absorb the new coat of deck stain and last longer during our Winnipeg winters.

This product is much like the deck stain stripper, all you do is wet the deck and apply generously. Let this product sit on the wet deck for about 10 minutes allowing it to soak into the pours wood and take out the staining and sun damage. Upon the time ending you should take your pressure washer and remove the product leaving you with a beautiful deck ready for a new coat of stain!

Deck Staining Step 4: Applying The Deck Stain Product.

Like we said previously we swear by Sherwin Williams deck staining products and would suggest to all people looking to get their deck stained in Winnipeg that they would use their products also. From our experience in Winnipeg, Deck Stain from other suppliers does not soak in as nice and does not hold up against the water build up that occurs in our Winnipeg winter and springs.

When applying the deck stain you should always make sure that there is no rain in the forecast for at least 24 hours and the temperature sits between 17 degrees to 26 degrees Celsius as that is the best temperature to let the deck stain soak in properly.

Use a large deck staining brush for the large boards and a smaller on for the handle and deck railings. Make sure you keep the brush damp at all times so that the deck stain is applied evenly. when applying the stain start in the middle of the board and spread outwards then follow through with a few strokes just to even it out.

Winnipeg Deck staining


Allow the deck 3-5 hours to dry before walking on and do not apply a second coat! AGAIN IS SAY DO NOT APPLY A SECOND COAT OF DECK STAIN!! This is the mistake we see way to often!

Deck Staining Winnipeg

I am sure you are wondering why you do not apply a second coat? this is because the initial coat was created and manufactured to soak into the wood and repeal water. Now when you put a second coat on it will never bond to the wood properly and start to peal and flake years before your expected due date.

To conclude deck staining is not a difficult task but it does have many steps and needs some fine attention to detail and paitience to complete it and make it beautiful!

Proactive Painting is specialists when it comes to deck staining in Winnipeg and can make your deck look beautiful and last for years.

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