Top Painting Company in Winnipeg


When the time comes to choose a professional company for painting in Winnipeg, Manitoba, whether for your house, cottage, or a commercial property Proactive Painting is the local painting company for you.

Interior and Exterior Painting for Your Home


Proactive Painting specializes in full home repaints and new paint projects all year-round. Our services include but are not limited to full room setup, room preparation and painting. We also love to help all of our client’s big project or small with the color selection. We offer a wide selection of high quality paints for great prices from our main partner Sherwin-Williams and can also accommodate other brands such Benjamin Moore, Behr Paint, Dulux Paints and other brands requested or preferred.

When painting your home exterior we always keep weather in mind to ensure you get the best and long lasting exterior paint job you deserve.

Once the perfect conditions arrive we will let you know and upon approval start the project. We will come & power wash or scrape or house if required, prep both the home and surrounding areas protecting your flower beds and landscaping, prime and apply paint.

Proactive Painting can also provide additional renovation services if needed. Our teams have experience in wallpaper removal, light carpentry and repair of Masonite, stucco and drywall and much much more.

Whether we are working inside or outside we have the knowledge and years of experience to back up our work.

Interior and Exteror Painting for Your Commercial Property


Proactive Painting has been tried and tested in the commercial painting industry and promises a deliver not only better the competitor but faster also.

As lovers of the concept of building long lasting relationships we have many owners of apartments and condos, warehouses and many other businesses across Manitoba using us as their go to painting contractor in Winnipeg. Again and again they use us because we only deliver quality work and we always respect all residents living or people working in the community where we work. We show this respect by cleaning up as we go and keeping common areas neat and tidy.

Our business clients, in particular, appreciate our ability to balance quality, time and price. The majority also appreciate that we are licensed, insured and locally owned. With more people coming and going onto a property than in a typical residential situation, the insurance gives business clients peace of mind in terms of coverage in case of an incident.

Four Things to Look for in a Painting Company in Winnipeg


In addition to providing the above quality painting services, Proactive Painting always takes great pride in our process. We have a trained and practiced process for interior and exterior painting that ensures the best work gets done in an efficient time line and that you are happy.


Choosing a painting company in Winnipeg can be difficult so we have decided to outline the four qualities to look for when hiring a contractor:



Provides professional bid process with detailed written estimates:

Does the painting company or painting contractor give a properly laid out quote with details such as how long the job will take to complete, how many colors are agreed upon, color names and product brand?

Professionalism is something that should always be considered. The professionalism a company shows up front in the quoting process will most likely be displayed throughout until the completion of the job.

We suggest you that you avoid the companies with non professional quoting systems and pick ones with systems to ensure you are dealing with the most legitimate painting company in Winnipeg.

Proactive Painting will always deliver extremely understandable painting quotes that bring transparency into your painting project and put you on the same page as us.


Performs thorough painting prep work:


When the paint rep is going through the quote with you be sure to ask about the painting companies prep work and what they will do with your property in regards to it.

A proper prep job can be the difference between a long lasting paint job or on that will peel away with in a couple seasons due to be painted over old chipping paint.

Preparation processes often include pressure washing or scrapping depending on your projects needs. It may also include masking of windows, lights or anything else needs to be protected from possible paint splatter.

Ask about these processes to ensure a long lasting paint job.

Proactive Painting always delivers a prep job like no other company. Our staff knows that this is how to start a job off strong and like to deliver the best final project possible.


Uses high-quality painting products:


Does the painting company you received a quote from use the highest quality painting products?

Often we see many companies tell you upfront they are using a certain high quality product but without you even knowing apply a product that allows them to save hundreds of dollars.

Make sure the products the painting company you choose is honest and true when it comes to the painting products they use.

Proactive Painting always uses the same product they promise the customer, along with that we also always suggest the absolute best product for your wants and needs.


Performs final inspections and walk throughs:


Does the painting company you choose do a final walk through with you?

We at Proactive Painting make sure our final walk through reaches your 100% satisfaction!

Your happiness is our number one priority and will deliver until it is reached to the fullest extent.

We have all of these qualities, which our residential and commercial painting customers can attest to and do.




We hope you now have enough information to make an informed decision about hiring Proactive Painters for your next painting project in Winnipeg.

If you have any other additional questions or would like to request a free no obligation estimate please contacts us now!

We are the Winnipeg painting specialists for all exterior and interior painting projects. Residential and commercial projects are a breeze for our knowledgeable team.

Proactive Painting always delivers local businesses and homeowners across the province of Manitoba with highly-skilled, trustworthy, and fully insured and licensed painting professionals who provide superior craftsmanship.