5 Step Process For Interior Painting in Winnipeg

With experience in many projects taking care of interior painting in Winnipeg we understand the difficulties that come with painting an interior the right way. It is always difficult to know where to start and how the painting process should be. With interior project after interior project completed Proactive Painting loves to help you get your painting project done right. With years of experience we at Proactive Painting have figured out the most efficient tricks and tips to make sure your interior painting project is done with in the time line and budget. If you are looking for some help for your interior painting in Winnipeg Proactive Painting is always the way to go.

Here is a Break Down of Proactive Painting’s 5 Step Process For Interior Painting in Winnipeg.

When it comes to the interior painting process there is much more involved then just spreading paint on the wall. The preparation process for interior painting can involve many different things like drywall patching or hole repair, stipple ceiling removal or priming. We at Proactive Painting have experience in almost every type of interior work from prep to finish we have the knowledge and experience to help you get the high quality interior painting you are looking for.

Step 1: Protecting Your Flooring and Furniture for Interior Painting in Winnipeg.

As Winnipeg’s top choice interior painters we now to start off every project we plan to cover your flooring either with poly or a cardboard type sheets. Protecting your floors is one of the things we take most serious. Then we move forward and move all belongings into the middle of the room making it easier to paint all the walls. We then move on to covering your belongings with protective polly and drop cloths to ensure the belongings and floor are covered.

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Step 2: Preparing the Wall and Ceilings For Interior Painting in Winnipeg.

When it comes to painting the walls and ceilings we all know it is pointless to paint the surfaces without actually fixing them and preparing them to look properly finished. The tasks that would come along with repairing the walls and ceilings may be dry wall hole repairing, small hole patching, dent fixing and crack repair. With the proper tools knowledge and experience our trained team of home refinishers can make sure your walls look completely finished and ready for a nice clean and smooth interior painting job. Let Proactive Painting asses the damage of your home and help you resolve the issues within your home.

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Step 3: Priming and Sanding the Surfaces to Be Ready To Paint.

When getting ready to start applying the interior paint you want to make sure your surface will accept the paint and dry properly ready for years of protection. Often clients are confused on the times primer should be used and shouldn’t be. Primer should always be used in times that you are painting over fresh drywall or fresh mud and tape. The primer will allow your surface to give the interior paint something to stick to.

Another situation where interior primer should be used before painting is when you are transition bases of paint. For instance if you are covering an oil based paint with a latex based interior paint then a coat of interior primer is the way to go.

The final situation that is best for using primer on your interior painting project is when you are transition from colours that are not similar. Transition of colours will almost always bleed, even with 2 coats you can often see the old colour through the new colour of your choice.

When a primer product is needed our our experienced sales representative will asses it and include it in your quote and inform you of the perfect solution for your interior painting project.

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Step 4: Cutting and Rolling Your Interior Walls and Ceilings.

After Proactive Painting’s team of professional interior painters in Winnipeg assess that the walls have been prepped and are to our standards we will the start with our painting process. If you have requested ceilings to be painted then we will start with painting the ceilings. Painting ceilings is a complicated task with only a couple proper ways to complete. Painting ceiling can be done with a sprayer where you mask the walls off and spray in the ceiling. This process can sometimes be more complicated and is not suggested for smaller rooms but for large living rooms and open concept sections of the interior painting project. Our interior painters are very knowledgeable in when the right time to use the right task is. The second way to paint interior ceilings is by cutting in with a brush and rolling in the specialized process. Rolling out a ceiling is done in a process that most don’t know but trust our team of experienced interior painters know how to roll your ceilings properly.

Step 5: Cleaning Up Your Interior Painting Project.

Once we have taken a walk through with our clients and are told that the are 100% satisfied with you interior painting project we move forward into the clean up. Along with cleaning the project everyday before we leave we will make sure all protective material are cleaned up and taken away from the job site. We then go through with vacuuming and sweeping/ mopping all needed surfaces. We like to leave the untouched surfaces as clean as we found it. Our team of professional interior painters find cleanliness of one of the most important and efficient things to make the job process go smoothly.

Proactive Painting prides ourself in being one of the top choice interior painters in Winnipeg. The thing that sets us apart from the rest is our care for our client and their satisfaction. We favour our customers no matter the amount they are paying. If you are interested in a free no obligation quote then please feel free to contact us today.